What Are They?

The Chamber of Commerce Membership Card will add value to your Chamber membership by offering discounts or added value services for the benefit of all your staff and your business. It also provides the opportunity for your business to encourage Chamber members to do business with you.

Who Gets Membership Cards?

Each Chamber member will receive a set number of cards based on your membership category. Each card has business name and unique number and Chamber members may choose to record this number and to which staff member it is allocated. An option is for members to have a pool of cards available at their administration base for their staff to sign out to use as/when required.

If staff have been allocated a specific card and leave the company, the Chamber member is responsible for retaining the card. 

A company with:    Is entitled to: 
Sole Trader   1 card (at no charge)
2 – 15 employees    3 cards (at no charge)
16 – 25 employees    4 cards (at no charge) 
26 – 50 employees    5 cards (at no charge) 
51 - 75 employees   6 cards (at no charge)
76 + employees   7 cards (at no charge)
NFP/Fed Farmers/Youth/Senior   1 card (at no charge)

 If you want more cards than your initial entitlement, further cards can be purchased at $10.35 per card (including GST). This way every employee can have their own card.

We will invoice you for additional cards. Expect around three working weeks from the time you order your card to when you receive them.

Make an offer:

If you want to get your business involved, Make us an offer - here are the guidelines:

• The offer must be for the calendar year and will automatically roll over to the next year.
• Those involved in making offers must be fully financial members of the Chamber of Commerce.
• Members to supply 2-3 sentences of information about their offer for the website content.
• Members using the scheme, will be asked to sight Chamber Membership Card for verification of membership.

Promotion of the Membership card and offers

• Links included in NewsBites.

• Facebook teasers.

Website information and updates:

• Updates to the latest Chamber Card Offers Page and Members area. All Membership card offers will be here.

• SC Chamber window and counter signs for member involved.


Download offer Form


For More Information please contact us


Disclaimer: South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for any of the offers made to members. This is the sole responsibility of the company making the offer. The offers may be subject to availability and conditions not outlined. Members are advised to check with the member business to determine availability and conditions.

Chamber Card Offers

From petrol to paper clips, Chamber members enjoy great discounts on a wide range of products and services from leading New Zealand suppliers and local Member 2 Member offers.

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