Want to improve employee morale, increase productivity and reduce turnover? Create a workplace where employees are engaged, motivated and productive with the Chamber's Workplace Culture Series.

Your company's culture is essential for a positive and productive workforce. By fostering a culture of trust, accountability and engagement, we can help you set the stage for your team to flourish and lay a solid foundation for sustained high retention and performance. This series will empower you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Establish a culture of trust and accountability
  • Boost employee engagement and motivation
  • Cultivate a positive and productive team.

The series of 6 workshops also provides practical tools and resources to create an environment that promotes positivity, confidence and motivation. Through interactive discussions and sharing experiences and challenges, you will have the opportunity to foster a robust work culture.

WHEN: 8.30am – 10.00am Thursday over 6 weeks.
WHERE: South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, Canon Street, Timaru
COST: Chamber member         $750.00   (6 sessions)
          Non Chamber member   $1495.00 (6 sessions)

Note: Registration is required for ALL 6 sessions and the same person must attend ALL 6 sessions to ensure consistent learning and application of the strategies.

Optional: Chamber members have the option to bring additional team members at a discounted rate of $100 per person, per session. This encourages a collaborative learning environment and promotes teamwork within your organisation.

Thursday April 4
Module 1 Effective Recruitment, Onboarding and Retention
Malcolm Eadie – Progressive Solutions
Explore effective hiring practices to bring in the right person and strategies for retaining top talent. Discuss how the recruitment process can align with and contribute to your desired workplace culture.

Thursday April 11
Module 2 Flexible Workplace Arrangements
Beth Park – Onsite Insight Limited

In today's workforce, flexibility is highly valued. Understand the importance of workplace flexibility and explore ways to implement and manage a variety of flexible work arrangements while maintaining productivity and accountability.

Thursday April 18
Module 3 The Art of Coaching and Development
Malcolm Eadie – Progressive Solutions

Focus on coaching to develop your team members' skills and confidence. Discuss the importance of mentorship and continuous learning.

Thursday May 2
Module 4 Nurturing a Thriving Work Culture
Justin Riley – Farmers Mill

Explore strategies for creating a positive, inclusive, and engaging work environment. Strategies for fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and employee well-being among team members will be discussed. Promoting employee job satisfaction techniques.

Thursday May 9
Module 5 Effective Performance Management
Michelle Marshall – Onsite Insight Limited

Explore effective methods for performance management, goal setting, and feedback. The role of performance management in driving employee growth and understand how to deliver effective appraisals.

Thursday May 16
Module 6 Managing Difficult Conversations
Michelle Marshall – Onsite Insight Limited

The importance of feedback, techniques for effective feedback and best practices.

Who should attend?
Business owners, leaders, management and those with HR responsibilities.