Creating Balance

Creating Balance is an interactive wellbeing workshop designed to help participants think about their current way of living and to challenge each person to take it to the next level. This workshop is designed to support working women and is not only beneficial to your own health and wellbeing but also for your work place and family.

As working women ourselves, we understand the pressure of needing to balance our time and energy in the many different roles we have. It works well most of the time but in those stressful moments we often run on empty. This workshop has been designed to support business women to take time out to create their own balanced personal wellbeing plans.

Creating Balance uses a range of techniques from a health and wellbeing perspective including challenging the road blocks that we unconsciously create for ourselves.

Topics Include
Physical wellbeing: Nutrition (food and your mood), Exercise, Sleep
Emotional wellbeing: Managing stress, challenging negative thinking, worrying thoughts
Family wellbeing Including child centered family time, learn techniques to enhance connection and reduce conflict
Daily Occupations: Understanding activities of daily living
Relaxation & mindfulness: Identifying how we relax and introducing some mindfulness practices

   *Opportunities to learn about, reflect on and create action plans using the following worksheets
   *Stress questionnaire – Identifying our stressors
   *Identify Core values for setting SMART goals
   *Identifying road blocks
   *Stages of Change model
   *Motivational Interviewing: An approach when working with people who are resistant to change to help them resolve their      ambivalence and get them on board.
  *3 step ACT method

Who Should Attend
This workshop has been designed for all working women, Business Owners, Supervisors/ Team Leaders and HR Managers


Leigh Lawless

BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy, Child Centred Play Therapy, Completing PG Child and Adolescence Mental Health.Leigh trained in Counselling and Psychotherapy and has specialised in Child Centred Play Therapy, Person Centred Counselling and uses mindfulness techniques.   Leigh studied and worked both in Dublin, Ireland and New Zealand at various child and family services.  Currently she works at the Wellbeing Hub with children and families through a Child Centered Play Therapy model of counselling.  Within this work Leigh also runs a 10 week training that supports the child/parent relationship through developmental conflict, boundaries and limit setting and helps parents learn and think about ways to develop stronger family relationships through play based techniques.  Leighs’ work has a central focus around health and wellbeing of the individual and family dynamic.

Rachael Hervey

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy & ATCL Diploma in Teaching Speech and Drama.Rachael has 10 years’ experience working in a range of mental health settings both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  As an experienced trainer in mental health and addictions she has worked both as an Occupational Therapist, and a Manger of a mental health services in the UK. Her experience includes running workshops, individual training and development for mental health staff.  She has extensive experience running groups and has a real passion for promoting wellbeing.

Thursday, 16th November, 2017
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, 3 Sophia Street, Timaru, 7910
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