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In house training can be arranged on your premises and tailored specifically for your needs                


27           Wellbeing Communication Workshop -

Wellbeing Communication Workshop -

Wellbeing Communication Workshop -
22           Stepping up to Management - Developing
               your People Skills  

Genterpreter® - Journey to 2026

29 Sept   Session 1 General snapshot of
   Oct      Session 2 The Attitude of Adjustment
13 Oct      Session 3 Transition to 2026 and beyond
20 Oct      Session  4 Attract, retain, Manage and
                 motivate multi-generations
27  Oct     Session 5 Millennial Viewpoint

18 & 19   Advanced Training for Health and Safety
                Reps Stage 3
20           Stepping up to Management - Next Level

8 & 9       
Essential Training for Health and Safety
                Reps Stage 1
17            Not for Profit Governance
22 & 23   Advanced training for Health and Safety
               Reps Stage 2 

Chamber of Commerce members are eligible for discounts on all Chamber Business Training Courses.  

Need assistance or to arrange In House training? 
Please email  janet@scchamber.org.nz     
or call 03 687 2733 for further information.


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