Scott Callaway - Christchurch International Airport

Disruptive Technologies and its Practical Application

Gateway to the South Island

Christchurch Airport is a bustling hub for travellers and a huge contributor to the New Zealand economy. We’re committed to providing a world-class experience, building great commercial relationships, and growing the prosperity and wellbeing of Christchurch, Canterbury and the South Island.

Innovation - Mixed Reality, Automation, AI and beyond!

Innovation is a core driver of growth, performance and value here at Christchurch Airport. We know in the future, exponential technologies and the digital revolution will disrupt and reshape our business – so we’re choosing to meet that future head on.

Mixed reality - Enhancing the Airport Fire Service’s preparedness with cutting-edge virtual reality training.

Automation - Our safe, private roads have made Christchurch Airport a leading test bed for autonomous vehicles.

Artificial intelligence    - Humanoid robots, pilotless planes, blockchain and wearable A– the future is closer than we think!