Logan Williams is an entrepreneur, inventor, and innovator, born and bred in Timaru. Logan has invented the method to turn Didymo into materials. Designed polarised contact lenses to treat epilepsy, and most recently designed a system to purify water from dairy farms. Logan is in the Kokori national business incubator, and was selected as a finalist for Young New Zealander of the Year.

Biome's founder Logan Williams grew up in the heart of the South Island, spending much of his childhood in the Mackenzie country where he had a passion for camping, fishing, and enjoying the breathtaking landscapes New Zealand has to offer. However, as Logan grew up he saw first hand the devastating effects of Didymo, a disgusting brown sludge which suffocates New Zealand waterways. Inspired to make a difference Logan dedicated hours of his time waist deep in freezing water, testing in a laboratory, and completing hundreds of iterations to finally create a material from the algae. Today Logan has created a beautiful product range from the material and continues to develop new products and tests the uses of other pest species which threaten New Zealand's unique environment. By purchasing one of Biome's products you are supporting Logan's dream for a pest-free New Zealand, and sustainable products which are easily recyclable, revolutionizing the dispensible nature of global consumerism.