Having always been interested in people and their businesses, after completing an Accountancy degree I began work for a Bank in 1999 and have been Banking (in one form or other) ever since. The last 11 years with ASB working with Commercial and Rural Businesses.

Most aspects of my work focus on people development, sales skills and coaching – ranging from Communicating and Presenting, to Negotiations, Networking and Business Development.

I facilitate seminars and workshops to both external clients, prospects and our own people as part of a programme of deepening relationships and increasing business development opportunities and skill.

The other part of my role is focussed on analysing how we can do better as a business – looking for opportunities to improve, then making it happen – AKA Problem solving and Project Management.
Married to Daniel for 12 years, we have 2 lovely cheeky boys – Joshua (3) and Bradley (1).