Mike Pero is probably one of the country’s most recognised CEOs’ on television today.  He’s been there for well over twenty years and he’s successfully used his own home grown style of marketing to promote his companies from ground zero to many millions of revenue and value.

Mike Pero Mortgages was founded in 1990 after Pero left an airline career and was searching for an alternative to working in Auckland flying planes.  Within a few years the profession of mortgage broking had evolved with Pero surfing the very first wave of deals into banks.  The former motorcycle mechanic, insurance agent and airline pilot is the undisputed pioneer of the Mortgage broking industry.

What separates Pero from most others is his ability to sell his services to thousands of Kiwis.  Mike brought personality and a unique ‘trust me’ style into the living rooms of thousands of Kiwis.  Today Pero heads a real estate company under the same brand, of course.  This is no usual real estate company – it’s one of New Zealand’s fastest growing real estate brands.

As well as mortgages and real estate Mike has worked and succeeded in several other industries including aviation training (flight simulators); software and technology companies.  He has a passion for marketing, business and helping others in the same arena. Mike Pero Real Estate has 58 franchises across New Zealand but Mike still spends most of his time at his head office in Christchurch.

Mike last addressed us down here in South Canterbury in 2011.  We’re delighted Mike has accepted our invitation to address the Business leaders in South Canterbury again.