Sales & Marketing Webinar

• Learn processes, strategies, and tools to facilitate your business’s future sales success.

• Understand and reach your market.

• Refine product, place and promotion to meet existing and new markets.

• Holistic marketing, branding and reputation – why this is important.

• Case Study – hear from a Mackenzie business.

Presenter: A.P.E Consulting – Ian Cartwright and Stephen Spencer 




Business Planning 

Understand the 10 steps to reach your business’s full potential.

• Gain clarity on where you can add value to your business.

• Learn best practice and practical ways to take each step.

• Succession planning and exit strategies.

• Re set and pivoting and what this actually means for a business

• Leadership and workplace culture

Presenter: Sidekick Timaru and Sidekick Rural - James Swaney and Richard Wheeler


Watch the webinar recording here


Finance and Cashflow Management Webinar

  • Cash is King - Budgeting and Cashflow Management

  • Planning and Forecasting

  • Relationships with Banks, Boards and Agencies

  • Key Steps in a Changing Environment

  • Case Study – hear from a Mackenzie business

Presenter: Sidekick Timaru and Sidekick Cloud - James Swaney, Richard Wheeler and Josh Wilson


Watch the webinar recording here