Jamie is one of New Zealand’s most sought after management consultants and keynote speakers, is a modern-day pioneer, and has helped thousands of people around the world bridge the gap between strategy, leadership and a high performance culture.

In 2007 Jamie become the first ever Kiwi to reach the South Pole unsupported on foot with fellow adventurer Kevin Biggar, creating media attention world-wide as they implemented a ‘business-like’ approach to their 52-day expedition.  

Jamie also holds the world record for crossing the 5000km Atlantic Ocean in a tiny row boat, he has captained rowing crews versus Cambridge and Oxford Universities during his management degrees, and has held various management roles in a range of industries. He is currently the CEO of Inspiring Performance.

Jamie’s leadership and ‘performance-through-people’ approach to his consulting and adventures has helped thousands of people achieve more. One of Jamie’s favorite campaigns (‘The Big Walk’) included thousands of young kiwis having adventurous, learningbased experiences throughout New Zealand. The campaign ended with participants, Ministers and CEOs spending two days helping create a strategy to combat New Zealand’s negative youth statistics.

Jamie’s professional career is based on the same principles as The Big Walk - helping people realise their potential via co-creating an inspiring purpose, eff ective goal setting and communication.
Jamie’s ability to translate strategic thinking and tactical planning into practical steps is very hard to beat. He is one of New Zealand’s most booked speakers and workshop facilitators, and works regularly around the world.
In 2011, Jamie managed the design and delivery of training to Rugby World Cup 2011 volunteers. This was a programme for 7000+ people tasked with delivering a ‘uniquely New Zealand’ customer experience.

In recent years, Jamie has worked internationally, focusing in the following areas:
• Strategy creation and implementation;
• Cultural alignment;
• Leadership development and personal coaching;
• Branded customer service; and
• Personal and teamwork profiling. 

Jamie is currently delivering a range of strategic, leadership and performance-related initiatives with organisations and individuals, as well as many speeches and workshops.  Jamie has a commited focus on improving the leadership, communication and performance of those he works with. His work around the globe has helped thousands of people and organisations achieve more.

Jamie Fitzgerald

Check out Jamie Fitzgerald in action - soon to be the MC of our Business Excellence Awards

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