Literacy & Numeracy

The SC Chamber of Commerce has brought to South Canterbury the Skills Highway Programme. Skills Highway has been established to help employers improve their business performance through improved literacy and numeracy in the work place.

Employees need these skills to communicate with customers, understand health and safety, keep accurate records and follow production schedules.

Upskill your staff now in:

  • Health & Safety
  • Production methods
  • Digital Literacy
  • Reducing wastage
  • Communicating and supporting clients and customers

The Skills Highway Programme can be brought to your work place and while there is no direct cost to employers, there is an ‘in kind’ contribution: - paying staff while they attend sessions; backfill cover if necessary, and provision of a training room if applicable.

The SC Chamber of Commerce, Literacy North Otago, Literacy South Canterbury and the Skills Highway are here to work with your business and support your workers.

Keeping it fresh at sanford timaru

More confident and engaged staff and better health and safety awareness are the results of the 'Keeping it Fresh' training programme for 32 Sanford staff in Timaru

Sanford Timaru
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