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The South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce is proud to own and manage the regional website.

Launched in 2010, the site remains an integral part of our community and continues to appear at top of Google for our region with over 8k visitors each month from 150 countries annually.

The purpose of this portal to South Canterbury and the three districts that make up this special part of the world – Timaru, Mackenzie and Waimate – is to provide a clear, current snapshot of our diverse and thriving region for visitors, business, locals and new residents, events and study.

It exists thanks to the support of 180+ Business Partners across all industry sectors of South Canterbury. Discover current Business Partners  

If you’re a South Canterbury business, consider becoming a Business Partner of to leverage off a relevant, effective, high profile site with proven reach.

  • Increase the SEO of your own website
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  • be seen alongside other credible South Canterbury businesses, and is
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Together, projecting strong collective excellence and District pride to the widest possible audience.

South Canterbury District Website

Showcasing the South Canterbury district and the business who call the region home.

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The SC Chamber of Commerce is delighted to manage the South Canterbury District website showcasing our region. Become a Business Partner and join the 180+ South Canterbury businesses with listings on the site.

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