Monday, 24th November, 2014

Auckland Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Social Development are committed to helping New Zealanders who can work, to work.

At a recent Ministry of Social Development (MSD) event also presented with Auckland Chamber of Commerce, MSD Chief Executive Brendan Boyle spoke about government and business working together and doing things a bit differently to change the lives of people who once they get into the workforce, can go on to be loyal, reliable employees, even moving into management roles and making a real contribution to businesses.

Guests also heard from Michael Barnett, Chief Executive Auckland Chamber of Commerce, about how businesses can help to grow communities by partnering with MSD. Both organisations can and will change people’s lives and build stronger communities and a more productive New Zealand by working together.

The Ministry of Social Development is starting with a group of parents returning to work who they believe are a great fit for industry. They are capitalising on the skills they already have and are investing in training to get them ready for work. The Ministry are looking to business to give someone a start and help spread the word.

As partners, they’ll provide you with a dedicated person who will get to know your business and find you the right people with the skills you need. They will support you and your new employee.

For more information please see the following factsheet that introduces the Ministry of Social Development’s campaign - Give Someone a Start

… and some industry video clips that talk further about working together. Click on the one for your industry to find out what support is available for businesses like you -

Please ‘give someone a start’, by calling 0800 778 008.