Friday, 9th December, 2016

Air New Zealand – change of flight times

In response to Chamber member concerns we have been working with Air NZ to understand the rationale behind flight time changes from Wellington to Timaru now departing at 7.15pm; to establish if this is a permanent change and to ensure these times meet as many needs as possible for our commuters. Air New Zealand acknowledges that these changes could have been better communicated and will endeavor to keep us better informed in the future.

We have been advised by the Air NZ GM Networks that the rationale behind the change was to enable 1/3rd of the travelers who go beyond Wellington to achieve same day travel to Hamilton, Napier, New Plymouth, Nelson, Tauranga and Gisborne. Approximately 2/3rds of travelers go direct to Wellington and return to Timaru.

Air NZ are keen to receive feedback on this change and are working with the Chamber to actively monitor the views of travelers as they try to strike the right balance with scheduling. They advise they do have a level of flexibility with these flight times.

We are keen to hear your views and will be liaising directly with air NZ on this matter.