Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

We’ve teamed up with the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce and the rest of the Business New Zealand family calling on the Government to rethink the Employment Relations Amendment Bill and to remove the most difficult aspects of the proposed legislation.

We support reform and review; but we are opposed to badly drafted legislation that fails to meet the needs of employers or employees. The framework of the Employment Relations Act, and the concept of good faith, have over the last 18 years been a successful compromise between the interests of employers and workers in what has generally been a settled industrial relations environment.

Amendments that upset this fine balance would be detrimental to the flexible, fair workplace environment in New Zealand, where we are seeing techniques like High Performance Engagement flourish at places like Air New Zealand and Kiwirail.

If this Bill proceeds as currently proposed, it will have major ramifications on the ability of businesses in New Zealand to grow financially and employ more people. That is not an outcome that we believe anybody wants to see.

Click here to read more about the bill and the campaign, and if you agree please add your name and help get the bill changed.