Tuesday, 28th July, 2020

The South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce hosted The Lion Foundation YES 2020 Pitches at The Ara Institute of Canterbury Timaru Campus on the 23rd and the 30th of June. West Coast Schools Greymouth High School and Buller High School also completed their pitch remotely at the Tai Poutini Polytechnic in Greymouth as they are part of the regional cluster. The results of these pitches have just been released.

The Pitch is Challenge 2 in the Young Enterprise Scheme programme where students identify a product or service, create a company, pitch and sell their wares. “This is all about preparing young people to thrive in business through authentic learning experiences” said Wendy Smith CE of the SC Chamber of Commerce.

Companies pitched their products and services to a panel of judges to get feedback and advice on their business idea and early activities. The format is similar to the TV show Dragon’s Den. In 2020 a total of 21 companies pitched to a panel of three judges. The judges  Gordon Handy, Tig Payne and Leonie Rasmussen expressed that they were all very impressed by the calibre of teams and the entrepreneurial talent.

The judges were allocated award money to invest in companies at their own discretion. This money is used to invest in the teams product or service. The recipients of this money were from South Canterbury, W.S.B from Opihi College are creating a weather proof rugby blanket, HYS from Geraldine High School are developing a ski equipment carrier, EcoBase from Timaru Boys High School have developed a eco friendly lip balm and are looking at branching out into other products such as eco friendly deodorant, e-KAS from Timaru Girls are developing fruit powders targeted at different issues such as acne and weight loss, Aotearoa Games from Mountainview High School has developed a board game based on New Zealand history, Destination from Roncalli College have developed a journey bag that doubles as a dry bag and also a bag consumers can wash their clothes in while camping and tramping, Aromafix from Buller High School have created Essential Oil Heat Packs, from Greymouth High School West Coast Pest Control have developed and are selling pest trapping packs, Banana Fruit natural bath bombs and Rethink and iCan have made positive vibe key rings.

Next is Challenge 3 Promotion. Companies will need to show evidence of at least two different promotional activities that they have used during the year.

“We would like to thank Ara Institute of Canterbury and The Todd Mudie Group for their continued sponsorship of YES” said Stacey Gallagher the YES Co-ordinator, “The South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to play a vital role in supporting tomorrow’s leaders.”