Friday, 18th February, 2022

The South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce represents the business community across South Canterbury, and we are their voice, as they along with the rest of New Zealand steer their way through Covid-19.  The Chamber has 509 member businesses that literally support thousands of workers and their families.

Businesses have battled their way through these turbulent times, many in South Canterbury are doing well and business is booming; but for many customer facing businesses it is a different story.

These businesses are struggling, closures are looming, and if staff are then made to isolate this could literally be the nail in the coffin.  We are calling on government to do two things.  Implement a further RSP or similar financial support scheme for those businesses severely impacted, and enable businesses to remain open and staff to work, aligned with the Critical Business and Critical Workers.

It should not be this way; we need to keep our businesses open and our economy thriving.

Every business is critical.  

Every worker is critical.  

But while government insists on limiting operations especially impacting customer facing businesses, financial support needs to be made available. Key sectors that have been impacted are the events industry, hospitality and tourism and retail.

The Chamber will fight for all businesses to be treated fairly.

Government should not be showing preference to particular sectors or workers.  

They are all essential.





For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Wendy Smith, Chief Executive, phone 027 229 2949

The South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce is the voice of South Canterbury business, serving the community since 1905. With over 530 members and with a strong national and international Chamber family, we work together to build better business outcomes.  We recognise that healthy business cultures lead to the improved wellbeing of all South Cantabrian’s.