Thursday, 28th November, 2019

The potential sale of the showgrounds site marks another key chapter in the growth and development of Timaru.  The Timaru District Council through Timaru District Holdings Limited should be recognised for facilitating and managing this process; and thereby balancing new investment and new retail experiences with a level of protection for the CBD. The minimum floor size and number of outlets that has been agreed to will be critical to limiting retail flight.

The scale of this development will create solid economic growth with a much needed ripple effect across the district and it is hoped that local construction companies and contractors will successfully compete for this work. Investment in large-scale infrastructure projects is one of the key strategies in New Zealand to fuel economic growth.

In parallel to this development the Council is strongly encouraged to apply critical thinking and planning to the CBD.  Whether this is through the City Hub Strategy group or the wider more inclusive CBD group; plans must be developed to enable ongoing confidence and investment in the CBD as this area will remain the heart of our district.

Wendy Smith

Chief Executive South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce.


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