Tuesday, 2nd October, 2018

A new public campaign Energy Voices has been launched today giving voice to public concerns over the end to new oil and gas exploration permits.

“The speed of the decision and the lack of consultation has become a source of deep frustration”

“This move will destroy jobs, increase energy costs and lose New Zealand billions of dollars. At the same time, according to the Government’s own advisors it will do nothing to reduce New Zealand’s emissions.” says Cameron Madgwick Chief Executive of PEPANZ.

The South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce is encouraging people to have their say and voice their concerns, as potentially this could have an impact on the opportunities that exist for South Canterbury with the Barque Prospect.

“Natural gas is an essential fuel to transition to a lower carbon economy and it’s too soon to start cutting off supply when there are no realistic alternatives” said Wendy Smith CE of SCCC.

The new campaign is being funded by the wider New Zealand oil and gas industry through PEPANZ. It will have a strong initial focus on encouraging people to have their say on the proposed legislation with submissions closing next Thursday 11 October.