Tuesday, 27th June, 2017

Callaghan Innovation and the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce applauds Emirates Team New Zealand’s triumph in the 2017 America’s Cup and the use of innovative technology to give its winning performance the edge.
The government business innovation agency has helped Team NZ to increase its research and development investment through a Growth Grant, and Dunedin-based Animation Research Ltd (ARL) received a Project Grant to develop the onboard virtual reality camera used by Team NZ and Oracle Team USA to evaluate each other's performances.
The South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce proudly provides Research & Development opportunities for South Canterbury and connects businesses with Callaghan Innovation to enable grant access and technical services and research collaboration.
“Technology powers every aspect of our lives now and, along with investment in research and development, is critical to a successful New Zealand economy. Team NZ is a reminder of what’s possible on the world stage “says Vic Crone CE of Callaghan Innovation.
In the 2016/17 year the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce has supported 10 businesses to engage with R&D support through Global Experts, Getting Started Grants, Project Grants, Growth Grants and Student Grants. In addition over 75 businesses have accessed co funding for management capability development through the Chambers’ role as the Regional Business Partner with NZTE, distributing over $124k of co funding and accessing expertise to grow their businesses.
“South Canterbury has a proud history of innovation and development and every dollar invested in the tech sector creates $3 worth of growth in the NZ economy” says Wendy Smith.
Once again America’s Cup is now New Zealand’s Cup