Monday, 16th June, 2014

Jock was diagnosed about the same time I was and provided some great support for me personally during my treatment. I am hopeful that this book may be of interest to you.

Michael Barnett
Chief Executive
Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Jock Hobbs was no ordinary man. His achievements were as numerous as they were outstanding. But despite all the success he enjoyed during his 52 years on this planet, to Jock, first and foremost, came his family and friends.

REMEMBERING JOCK is a 240 page hardback featuring a colourful collection of personal stories and anecdotes, covering key events such as his crucial role in the Packer-led WRC vs NZRU battle and the birth of professionalism in 1995, the 2003 Rugby World Cup co-hosting debacle, the heroic Rugby World Cup 2011 bid, and his battle with cancer and the brutality of its treatment. The combination of these personal words and a rich collection of images, many sourced from Jock's family archives will provide a fascinating and moving insight into the character and life of one of our great New Zealanders.

Some stories are heartfelt and moving tributes to Jock, and others are humorous accounts of times shared. They speak of Jock's early years; his school and university days; his playing days; his passion for life, the game of rugby and his friends; his career in administration, business and law; as well as his family life.
REMEMBERING JOCK will be a complete tribute, and great way to remember and celebrate our mate, Jock!

This book is a fundraiser and can only be ordered from before 30th June at $45 including GST (per book) plus $5 postage and handling. The publication date is 15 August and copies will be shipped to your door on or before that date.