Timaru District Council Annual Plan Submission 2020/21


The Chamber congratulates the Council on recognizing the levels of stress the community and the business community is under due to covid-19.

We endorse the position of reviewing “cash on hand” to meet financial obligations either by using reserves or by borrowing – whichever is the best financial practice.

We would have liked to see an increased emphasis on reviewing efficiency within the Council and more information around fiscal spend.

There is a mixed view on whether a reduction in rates is the appropriate use of reserves and ultimately will this lead to actions that might restrict growth and economic development.

Presumably any investment in the Shovel ready projects will lead to an associated reduction in expenditure from the Council as these were projects and repairs and maintenance already budgeted for.

Many of the assumptions made for the capital work programme were made pre Covid-19 and we would hope that this work has been revisited and realigned with a recovery strategy.

The $2million dollar stimulus fund although a sound principle requires more detail before valid support is able to be provided. The Chamber would appreciate seeing a blue print of this work prior to finalization.