About South Canterbury - Timaru, New Zealand    

Timaru has a broad range of industries and with its central location in South Canterbury, New Zealand,  it is proving to be an excellent base for many companies, with excellent IT services, and relatively cheap overheads. Timaru has a busy deep water port which gives easy access to national and international markets and gives businesses an edge for commercial success over other New Zealand provincial cities. Timaru has the largest cold storage capacity of any port in New Zealand and it is also home to the second largest fishing fleet in New Zealand with a specifically designed wharf for the purpose.

South Canterbury, Timaru, New Zealand
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Return flights between Timaru’s Richard Pearse Airport and Wellington operate daily enabling business people to commute to Wellington for a day’s business or to access connecting flights to Auckland or other centres if required.

Traditionally, agriculture has been the backbone to the South Canterbury/Aoraki region but as more businesses take advantage of competitive operational rates, proximity to export markets and lifestyle, successful industrial, manufacturing, textile, financial, aqua, horticultural and agricultural businesses can all be found in this region.

The quality of life within Timaru and the the South Canterbury region is a drawcard for many people who enjoy the outdoors, and a wide range of year round activities and scenic beauty. Its proximity to world class mountain sports and challenging alpine areas attracts people, such as career professionals. Housing is competitively priced when compared to larger centres and is highly affordable.

If you are interested in looking into the possibility of setting up a business in the Timaru District or South Canterbury region, to take advantage of all the opportunities available, make the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce and the Aoraki Development Business and Tourism your first port of call. We will be pleased to support you in any way we possibly can.

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